Comprehensive Technical Solutions, Inc.

Headset and Cable Tester

Enables user to test push-back headsets and cables for proper operation. Simply plug the headset or cable into the tester, the tester replicates a regular aircraft interphone system. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and uses a standard 9-volt alkaline or heavy duty battery. The automatic on/off feature turns the unit on when the cable is plugged in minimizing battery usage. A red/green light indicates when the tester battery needs to be replaced.

PN 5000005

$75.25 USD


When used in conjunction with CTS’ Headset and Cable Tester this adaptor allows for functional testing of dual plugged splitter cables. Can also be used for in-cockpit headsets.

PN 3000055

$74.00 USD

Cable Tester Adaptor