The ProMod pushback communications product line by Comprehensive Technical Solutions supplies high quality noise attenuating communication systems for airline ramp services and aircraft maintenance personnel. These  rugged headsets and cables provide a budget friendly alternative to your communications needs.

ProMod GS and the ProMod Max headsets feature weather resistant membranes to protect the speakers and microphone, making them an excellent choice for your outdoor ground support and ramp services personnel, as well as for aircraft de-icing operations.

In addition, the modular construction of these headsets makes on-site repairs easy, with no tools required.

Our heavy duty coiled extension, regional jet splitter and adaptor
are the strongest in the industry, and are equipped with CTS' exclusive tensile-tough connectors to prevent the plugs from being pulled out of the cables.

CTS backs all of its products with a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 

We will also do any necessary repairs to our own equipment, with a quick turnaround. No need to send your equipment to an outside shop.

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The new ProMod M2 headset is now available for only $178!